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Tax Planning

Expats who temporarily move abroad may face not only the complexity of a foreign tax system; they may also remain liable to some taxes at home. Hence International Tax Planning is essential to avoid unnecessary double taxation.

For most of our clients, the most valuable advice provided by us is based on our deep understanding of tax systems in various countries, enabling us to point out the interaction between the country of residence and country of domicile (often in Common Law Jurisdictions). In any way it is possible to end up in a Tax Residency in one or more countries, triggering Tax Liabilities in each country.

Through our scope of work in International Taxation we offer a seamlessly integrated second to none international and local tax advice – always backed up through local partners. We cover the full range of Taxation – Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Gift & Inheritance Tax and Wealth Tax.

Speak to us prior to moving abroad to discuss the complexity of Tax Residency.

Tax Services

Due to the complexity of Tax Laws, an “out of the box” offer and advice is almost impossible. As a consequence we will follow up a personal and individual approach, making our advisory services suit fit your personal circumstances.

Our dedicated Tax Services will cover the full range of personal tax requirements, even if even your tax status and/or residency spans two, three or more countries in Europe, the UK and abroad.

Please find out more about the range of Tax Services we provide down below in the accordion boxes. Furthermore, we have separate parts of the website dedicated to “Inheritance & Succession”, Tax Planning and “Trusts & Estates”.

You can always stop by the Office – appointment required – to speak about your needs. We are pleased to discuss your situation and requirements.

DTA – Double Taxation Agreements

Different countries have their own tax laws. If you are a resident in one country and have income and gains from another, you may have to pay tax on the same income in both countries – or none of them. DTA – Double Taxation Agreements aim to avoid ‘double taxation’ or double non-taxation.

For example, an individual who is resident in Belgium, but has rental income from a property in another country, may have to pay tax on the rental income in both in Belgium and that other country.

To avoid double taxation (and of course a double non-taxation), many countries entered into Tax Treaties (DTA – Double Taxation Agreements), mainly based on international OECD-Standards.

International Taxation

Therefore it is important to plan a tax structure BEFORE entering into any agreements abroad that may trigger tax issues. CCSA is a professional team of Experts, specialized in International Taxation and focussed in Tax Consulting & Advisory with international experience. Hence we will bring you valuable high-end expert advice. We take care of the whole process, from Accessing your personal circumstances, Tax Consulting and Advisory to suit fit your needs and implementation of better suitable structures. We offer an initial Consultation free of charge via Skype.

Nowadays it is important to have ever increasing OECD Standards in mind to avoid possible Tax and Criminal Allegations through non-compliant and validated Corporate Structures. Speak to us to find out your Alternatives.

Do I need to consider CFC-Rules if I own an Offshore entity? Get in touch and find out more.

Our scope of work:
  • Preparation of Swiss Federal and Cantonal/Municipal tax returns
  • Review of your personal tax assessments and – if necessary – filing of appeals
  • Extension of Deadlines for Tax Filings
  • Matching of international and inter-cantonal Tax Allocation
  • Issues with Withholding Taxes
  • Negotiation of Tax Agreements if certain conditions are met
  • Cross-border-Filings
  • Clarification of your tax residency status based on the provisions in the double taxation treaties
  • Advising Expats and wealthy Private Clients on Swiss, EU and international tax matters (direct taxes, withholding taxes, stamp duties, real-estate tax)
  • Managing your Tax Affairs – national and international
  • Tax Planning and Tax Comparisons

Please note that, due to legal requirements, we do NOT prepare U.S. tax returns.

However, if needed we may arrange any preparations of U.S. tax returns by a partnering U.S. Tax Consultancy. In such cases we will manage a transfer of necessary information and documents, giving you peace of mind and a smooth filing.

Speak to us to find out more.

Even if there is no double taxation agreement in place between your country of residence and the country where the income arises, tax relief may be available by means of a foreign tax credit.

For example, if you pay tax at 15% on your foreign income in the country in which the income arises, then you may still have to pay tax in the country of your tax residence If the tax rate there is 20%, you would only have to pay 5% of tax there, as you would be given a tax relief for the 15% of tax paid overseas.

In some cases, foreign income is even tax-free in your country of residence. Speak to us to find out more.

You may be taxed on your foreign income by ONE COUNTRY and by the country where your income is from. You can usually claim tax relief to get some or all of this tax back. How you claim depends on whether your foreign income has already been taxed. Speak to us if you are unsure of how to do so.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is intended to detect and deter the evasion of US tax by US citizens who hide money outside the US. This agreement shall create greater transparency by strengthening the flow of information, its reporting and compliance by providing rules around the processes of documenting, reporting and withholding on a payee.

FATCA rules do not only have an impact on the financial services sector but also affect many entities outside of the traditional financial services sector with operations both in and outside of the United States.

To find out more about FATCA and its regulatory framework speak to us.

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