Recent Company History

Our journey started back in early 1998. We had a vision and started locally in Switzerland and slowly expanded towards the EU country’s specialising in LEGAL & TAX consulting and offering a small range of Corporate Services.

We then expanded our services to complete Business Solutions. Covering international Tax Consulting, Accounting and Management Accounting as well as a full range of Corporate Services. We now service some hundred clients worldwide and run Offices at present in five countries.

Nowadays we mainly focus on Tax Consulting and Tax Litigation, VAT Consulting and all kind of Regulations, Businesses need to accept and comply with, maintaining a high level of Controlling and Compliance.

However, a full range of Accounting Services including Salary Management, Business Consulting for SME’s, Transaction Management and administration of Corporate Services will always play an essential role in our Business model and was a grantor for our success in recent company’s history.

Being associated with TAXEDO Group, we are able to access a network of professional staff here and abroad that we will bring Clients a level of satisfaction second to none.

Get in touch with us on +41 41 511 1810 and our Consultants will be glad to give you free introductory advice and send you an offer.

Join our success story and let’s build your business together. Expand your horizon and grow your business perspective without worrying about legal and tax issues. Our Team is ready to support your goals.