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Individual Taxation For Expats

Our professional team of Experts is specialized in International Taxation and focussed in Tax Consulting & Advisory with international experience. We will, therefore, bring Expats and high net worth Individuals valuable high-end expert advice focused to cut down your Individual Taxation.

We take care of the whole process, from Accessing your personal circumstances, Tax Consulting and Advisory to suit fit your needs and implementation of better suitable structures.

Arrange your personal initial Consultation free of charge via Skype.

We Help You Focus

Why should you be stacked in tax, accounting and administration work? We take the burden off your shoulder’s and help you focus on what really matters to get your wealth growing, increasing profitability and achieving new goals.

With our in-house capacities and constant education of our staff, Accounting and Bookkeeping while timely maintaining your Accounts and Records is not an issue anymore.

Nowadays it is important to have ever increasing OECD Standards in mind to avoid possible Tax and Criminal Allegations through non-compliant and validated Corporate Structures. Speak to us to find out your Alternatives.

Do I need to consider CFC-Rules if I own an Offshore entity? Get in touch and find out more.

It is surely not forbidden to own an Offshore Company for a legitimate purpose. However, if the only purpose of your Offshore entity is Tax Avoidance or even worse Tax Evasion, you should reconsider all options.

Through latest OECD developments – AEOI and CRS Standards – all information needed is at Tax Authorities fingertips. Hence there is no space for any undeclared income or hidden assets.

Speak to us to find more about how to comply with national Tax rules.

A Country that signed up for OECD AEOI will receive information from other countries about residents with financial accounts and investments overseas, enabling the Tax Authorities to match Tax Declarations and Information given by the Tax Payer. In fact, that means total Transparency.

Countries already started collecting information from 2016 onwards.

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Different countries have their own tax laws. If you are a resident in one country and have income and gains from another, you may have to pay tax on the same income in both countries – or none of them. DTA – Double Taxation Agreements aim to avoid ‘double taxation’ or double non-taxation.

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In addition to the latest CRS Standards, jurisdictions have made information available with respect to their Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) and tax residency rules, in order to help both taxpayers and financial institutions to comply with their obligations under the CRS.

Please ask for more information about how this will change a tax approach.

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