Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Being a professional Corporate Services Provider with more than two decades experience now, you can rely on trustworthy high end expert service. We run own Offices in various Countries across Europe and also maintain a vast international network to achieve our client’s goals.

And the good news is, with our background in international taxation, we know what we are doing. If things won’t fit, they won’t fit and we often recommend NOT to create Corporate Structures. It is important to meet international OECD Standards to avoid failure and possible allegations.

For all other clients we offer a full range of Corporate Services, from drafting documents to formation, archiving and taking care of you your annual filings.

Annual Filings

Why should you be stacked in administration and filing work. We take the burden off your shoulder’s, offering a range of dedicated Corporate Services and help you focus on what really matters to get your business growing.

With our legal background and constant education of our staff while monitoring ever changing regulations, we are sure that we can meet your expectations.

If you are convinced that an offshore company structure is the right choice for you – after a proper assessment of your personal situation – we are able to offer reasonably priced company formations in the following jurisdictions:

Bahamas Belize British Virgin Islands Canada Cayman Islands Gibraltar Hong Kong Isle of Man Jersey & Guernsey Panama Seychelles Singapore St. Kitts & Nevis US Delaware

A holding structure is not legal form but a way to organize several companies and permanent establishments, on- and offshore in a certain way with each other using the same corporate parent.

Generally one can organize a holding structure differently – as a Management Holding, Financial Holding or Operational Holding whereas the first two forms are widespread and more common.

Often a holding structure makes sense to bundle business activities while creating synergy effects for the purpose of cost reduction. Speak to us to discuss possibilities for your family-run SME.

Any business activity carried out abroad in a foreign country (other than the country where the company is registered) which results in revenue being generated (which can either be revenue generated directly in the country or where the activity in the country contributes to the “group” entity’s revenue), is likely to be deemed by local authorities as having created a “PE”. What this means is that the local country tax authorities will assess corporate tax on a deemed revenue arising in-country. In most countries in order to recognize a PE, it needs to be formally registered under some corporate identity, typically a branch, representative office, or a subsidiary entity.

It is not forbidden to own an Offshore Company for a legitimate purpose. However, if the sole purpose of your Offshore Entity is Tax Avoidance or even worse Tax Evasion, you should reconsider all options.

Speak to us to find more about how to comply with national Tax rules. There are other more suitable options to reduce your Tax Bill.

We offer high net worth individuals, corporations, foundations and other institutional investors a sound and independent advice on all issues related to wealth management, its succession and inheritance rules.

We see ourselves as independent consultants for, among other things, the long-term structuring of assets. We attach particular importance when creating an individual and intergenerational wealth strategy involving existing company structures and the family environment alongside with support to planning and execution of succession plans.

Please note that we would not do asset management itself as we are not specialized in and believe, others may do better. So we swapped this according to clients needs to appropriate banks and asset managers.

For our international clientele, we establish foundations and trusts at various locations, always taking into account your individual requirements and with the necessary expertise that you can expect.

For our international clientele, we establish Private Label Funds at various locations, always taking into account your individual requirements and with the necessary expertise that you can expect.

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