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Company Formations


We offer comprehensive consultancy services for Company Formations and acquisition of new companies, private label funds and trusts and foundations, mainly in connection with the financing of projects and associated project companies – in SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

Of course, we are also available for individual counselling services if you’re planning on taking a reputable company formation at these locations. Through our expertise and our global network, we can fulfil every demand and are also accessible by telephone for feedback.

We always implement advice to the financial structure and possible fiscal disadvantages, however, we can not give either legal and tax advice (during the formation process) if we are not appointed to. Making contact with your lawyer and/or accountant by actively involving them in the development process is not only beneficial but also desirable from our point of view.

We develop company structures and establish companies “onshore” as EU companies and in related destinations (Switzerland, Liechtenstein – no EU Member States but bilaterally associated) as well as at traditional offshore destinations.


Being a professional Corporate Services Provider with more than two decades experience now, you can rely on trustworthy high-end expert service. We run own Offices in various Countries across Europe and also maintain a vast international network to achieve our client’s goals.

And the good news is, with our background in international taxation, we know what we are doing. If things won’t fit, they won’t fit and we often recommend NOT to create Corporate Structures. It is important to meet international OECD Standards to avoid failure and possible allegations if it comes to Company Formations abroad, EU and Offshore.

For all other clients, we offer a full range of Corporate Services, from drafting documents to a formation, archiving and taking care of you your annual filings.

Please visit us on too, a website dedicated to worldwide company formations.

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